How should I apply Hit! Balm?

Apply Hit! Balm to the muscle(s) or joint(s) where you're feeling pain, in a sufficient amount that the target area is covered with a thin layer, and rub it in. Because of the unique blend of oils in Hit! Balm, you'll find that it does a great job of penetrating and doesn't leave a greasy feeling to the skin. You should feel relief within minutes, and it should last for hours. Reapply as needed to keep pain on the run; there's no risk of ODing on Hit! Balm!

How is the Hemp Extract in Hit! Balm grown and processed?

Hit! Balm only sources the plants in our extract from farms using organic growing methods and are on the path to becoming certified. We have a relationship with a single farm in Colorado where we have conducted on-site audits to ensure the highest quality product, and our extracts are tested both at source and when they arrive in our facilities. Zero pesticides or fungicides, just pure Colorado grown hemp, with the full entourage effect of multiple cannabinoids including CBn and CBg.

How is it extracted?

Our hemp is extracted via a food grade, low-temperature ethanol process. This extraction method provides a complete, high-quality extract rich in the full suite of plant compounds. The low boiling point of ethanol allows for its complete removal from the final distillate oil so there are no residues remaining–just pure, organically-grown hemp extract. 

How is it tested?

All batches are uniquely identified with trace back to Certificates of Analysis (COA) for potency and potential contaminants from an independent licensed testing facility. All COAs can be accessed via HitBalm.com, and by scanning the QR code found on the label of your product.